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A Look Inside The Aesop Store On University Place in NYC

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

Some of my favorite places to visit are the Aesop stores scattered around New York City. One of my most popular blog posts is about my love for the samples from Aesop samples and tips on getting them for free. (You can read the post here.) One of my tips was to visit the store so I thought it would be appropriate to showcase the Aesop store itself. The Aesop store on University Place is beautifully designed and deserves its own post. Read more to take a look inside!

Inside Aesop Store NYC University Place

Aesop has many different store locations around New York City but the one I frequently visit is on University Place between 10th and 11th Street. It’s small but still bright and airy and has walls lined with shelves and shelves of products.

Inside Aesop Store NYC University Place

I love that each Aesop store has its own unique interior and an amazing sink to test out the products in. It’s a great way to try all the products like cleanser, toner, serum, lotions/creams, etc.

Aesop Store University Place

The specialists in the store are knowledgable about ingredients and skincare and will help you find the best product that suits your skin type. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and tell them about your skincare concerns.

Tea at the Aesop Store NYC University Place

Another plus in addition to trying all the products is that the Aesop stores serve tea! The Aesop tea has notes of licorice, rose and peppermint. I love the quotes inside the teacup and how they use lab flasks to hold the tea. (I forgot to take a picture of my tea so this picture is from Instagram.) Even if they don’t offer it to you directly, feel free to ask for a cup as there’s usually a teapot boiling with the tea.

If you’re interested, don’t forget to check out the post on tips for getting Aesop samples for free and my other posts about store visits, like my trip to the Fresh store in Union Square and its incredible perfume display.

A Look Inside The Aesop Store On University Place in NYC

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