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Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep)

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

I am so excited for the holiday season!!! I think the holidays are the perfect time for candles. They make all rooms seem so warm and cozy. I’ve received a few emails and Instagram messages asking for candle recommendations so I put together a list of the best candles to gift to others or keep for yourself!

Byredo Mini Candles

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Ever since I first smelled Byredo Burning Rose at the Glossier showroom a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with Byredo candles. My first was a mini Byredo Burning Rose that I loved ‘til the very last burn. The smaller size makes for a more affordable gift. It’s also great if you’re on the fence about a scent and want to test it out without breaking the bank. Byredo candles also come in really well designed packaging, making them beautiful and thoughtful presents.

Byredo Tree House
I love that the scent for Tree House was inspired by architect Takashi Kobayashi’s tree house in Tokyo. It is clean and woodsy smelling.

  • Top Notes: pimento, bamboo
  • Middle Notes: hay, labdanum, myrrh
  • Base Notes: blond cedarwood, guaiac wood, sandalwood, leather

Byredo Bibliotheque
I think this is one of the most unique scents I’ve smelled. It’s hard to describe but it has a lot of depth and warmth to it. It makes my apartment smell amazing whenever I burn it.

  • Top Notes: peach, plum
  • Middle Notes: violet, peony
  • Base Notes: patchouli, leather, vanilla

Jo Malone Travel Candles

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep), Jo Malone Mini Candles

Are you sensing a pattern, haha? I love minis. These two scents were recommended by my cousin, as she’s a big Jo Malone fan.

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay
This scent smells delicious. It’s inspired by childhood memories of blackberry picking. The bay leaves and cedarwood balance out the sweetness of the blackberry, creating a perfect mix.

  • Key Notes: blackberry, bay leaves, cedarwood

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia
In my opinion, Jo Malone does fruit scents really well. Sometimes candles that have fruity notes end up smelling too artificial but these two candles from Jo Malone smell fresh and crisp.

  • Key Notes: King William Pear, Freesia, Patchouli

Le Labo Cedre 11

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep), Le Labo, Le Labo Candle, Le Labo Cedre

My first Le Labo candle was Santal 26, a classic. I love burning it when I do yoga in the evenings. There’s seriously nothing like candle-lit yoga to the scent of Santal.

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep), Le Labo, Le Labo Candle, Le Labo Cedre
Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep), Le Labo, Le Labo Candle, Le Labo Cedre

I recently added Cedre 11 to my collection. Alex from Le Labo describes this as the perfect candle for bundling up in blankets. It’s smoky and foresty, like a bonfire. If I had to choose the perfect snow day candle, it would be Cedre 11.

  • Key Notes: cedar, birchwood, gaiac, musk

Woodlot Candles

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep), Woodlot, Woodlot Candle, Palo Santo

These Woodlot candles are a recent discovery of mine. They’re hand-poured and made out of coconut wax with cotton core wicks. These scents are great to do yoga to as well. I’m also really into their palo santo wood sticks which are sustainably harvested from fallen branches from Ecuadorian palo santo trees. Smells amazing.

Woodlot Cascadia: cedar, sandalwood, patchouli
Woodlot Flora: lavender, orange, bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli

Acqua Di Parma Mini Scented Candles Gift Set

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep)

This set contains a trio of holiday scented candles in red lacquered glass. It is probably the most giftable candle option on the list. Smells like pine needles and forest wood combined with warm spices, very festive and vibrant.

Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle

Best Candles To Gift (Or Keep)

I first smelled this at the Space NK press preview and it immediately reminded me perfectly of the holidays. It makes the room smell delicious and really brings color to a space.

  • Key notes: cinnamon, spice, orange, mandarin, cedar, vanilla

What candles have you been loving this holiday season? I just love how cozy they make the room feel and I can’t wait to gift my favorites to my loved ones.

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