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A Complete Guide to Gel Manicures

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

What is getting a gel manicure like and what can you do to prepare? How do you remove a gel manicure at home? I just got my first gel manicure a few weeks ago and had these questions, so I thought I would make a guide in case anyone else was also wondering the same. Read more below!Glossier Rep Trip


I went to Paintbox Nails in Nolita to get my nails done as part of the Glossier Rep Trip. Would highly recommend if you’re in the area!

Gel manicures don’t cure with time like normal nail polish but rather they harden under UV light. I like to wear sunscreen on my hands during the manicure process to protect from the rays. (My go to non-greasy easily absorbable sunscreen of choice is this one.)

Before you get your gel manicure, Into the Gloss recommends asking for a pre-gel treatment called IBX which strengthens the nail bed while the gel is on it. It’s worth checking to see if your local salon has it! I wish I knew about it before I got my nails done.

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What I love about gel nails is that you’re able to create intricate designs that you aren’t able to get with traditional nail polish. I’m completely obsessed with this marble pattern! I can’t stop pinning cute nail designs onto my Pinterest, nail art is one of my favorite things.

Complete Guide to Gel Manicures, Gel Manicure, Paintbox, Paintbox Nails, How do Gel nails Work, How to remove gel nails


Gel manicures last for weeks on end because they don’t chip! While convenient in daily life, it unfortunately makes removal very difficult. Here is a handy guide that I used to remove my gel manicure at home.How To Remove a Gel Manicure at Home, Gel Manicure Removal, How to Remove Gel Manicure, Gel Manicure Removal at Home, Paintbox Nails, Into the Gloss, Gel Manicure Removal Tutorial, Gel Manicure Removal Steps

One thing I will say is that this process is very time consuming. Removing gel manicures at home is not easy. I had to repeat steps 3-5 multiple times before the gel started fully flaking off. Acetone is quite harsh on the cuticles so at the end of the long process, I really doused my nails with cuticle oil for some R&R.

Hope this guide helped! I’ve always loved nail polish and nail art so I definitely plan on doing more nail related posts in the future.

A Complete Guide to Gel Manicures

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