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The Coolest Indie Beauty Brands You Should Know

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

One of my favorite things to do is to test out different products and lately, a ton of cool new brands have been popping up lately. These under the radar brands have some really unique, innovative products that I think everyone would love so I picked some of the indie beauty brands on my radar to showcase. Read more below!

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands: Complex Beauty, Complex Beauty, Masks

1. Complex Beauty

I first mentioned Complex Beauty in my package unboxing post. I love that their brand is all about serious skin case that is still easy, fun relaxing and stress free. The products contain complex blends of carefully selected, natural and scientifically proven high performance ingredients.

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands

Complex Beauty has the cutest product names! The six masks in the Discovery Kit I received to test are called Rose Glow (glycolic mask), Ocean Potion (mineral mask), Thirst Quencher (hydra mask), Baby Face (purity mask), Smooth Operator (antioxidant mask) and The Godmother (enzyme mask).

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands

My two favorites so far are Ocean Potion and Thirst Quencher. Ocean Potion is a seaweed enriched face mask that I’ve found has been really good for reducing and soothing pimples. I usually have oily skin but in the fall winter seasons it sometimes feels kind of dry/tight so I’ve been using Thirst Quencher. It’s super hydrating and feels really soothing on the skin. Complex Beauty launches in November! (You can sign up to receive information on their launch on their website.)

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands: Cuvee Beauty, Cuvee Beauty, Haircare

2. Cuvee Beauty

Cuvee is another brand I mentioned in my package unboxing post. Cuvee is a French term that refers to the best of the best first pressed grapes used in champagne. The brand is based on the belief that hair care is an extension of skin care, which I love. More attention should be paid to the products within hair care!

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands: Cuvee Beauty, Cuvee Beauty, Haircare

The brand has a very interesting ingredient in all the products, the proprietary Cuvee Complex – unique blend of champagne (!), white truffle and platinum extracts combined with plant proteins.

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands

I tried the travel sized kit of the shampoo, conditioner and styling balm. They all smell amazing and make my hair feel super soft. Usually when my hair is air dried it gets a little frizzy/poofy but with this shampoo + conditioner mix, I can air dry my hair and walk out the door.

Coolest Indie Beauty Brands

3. Eir NYC

Eir NYC is a brand that I’ve had the opportunity to intern for and work closely with. Based in Brooklyn, Eir is an organic skincare line for people with active lifestyles started by Jun Lee in late 2013 to find more natural healing approaches to her extreme sports injuries.

Any beauty brands on your radar?

The Coolest Indie Beauty Brands You Should Know

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