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Formula X Nail Polish & System Review

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

It is the worst when your nail polish chips after only a day. As a frequent hand washer and jewelry maker, I do a lot with my hands so my manicures chip really easily. I kept seeing bloggers write about how long every Formula X nail polish lasted so I bought the Formula X System To Go Set to see for myself. Read more for my review!

Formula X The System Nail Polish

The Formula X System is composed of four parts. First is the CLEANSE Nail Cleanser, which gets rid of the oils and residue on your nail beds. The next part is PRIME base coat which prevents staining and acts as an adhesive layer for the nail color. Third step is the nail color and fourth part is SHINE, a high-glass fast-drying top coat.

Formula X The System Nail Polish

I love the package design! This portable set has a smart lid that locks in the four parts of The System. The four pieces all click into place so it’s super travel friendly and cute.

Formula X Nail Polish in Thrilling

The Formula X nail polish color in my set was Thrilling, described as a cloud gray. I would say that the color is more of a neutral taupe than a gray.

Formula X The System Nail Polish in Thrilling

The top coat is soooo glossy. It’s described as delivering the ultimate gel-like shine and stay-true color. I also have the Essie top coat but this one by Formula X is just amazing.

Formula X The System Nail Polish

After five days, my manicure was still chip free with minimal tip wear. It only started chipping a tiny bit around day seven. It’s very rare that my manicures last that long so I was very pleased with the Formula X System.

I was curious to see if the system would work well with other brands so I used the same three products, Cleanse, Prime and Shine, with an Estee Lauder polish. Unfortunately, the manicure didn’t last nearly as long as the Formula X polish did which just goes to show that all the formulas in their line work together to deliver a long lasting manicure.

Formula X has definitely won me over and it’s only $16 for all four if you get the mini set that I got. The #1 winner is definitely the SHINE Top Coat, which I will for sure be repurchasing in the future.

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