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Fresh Blue Box Adventures

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

A while back, my friend Arlina and I went to the Fresh Blue Box event in Flatiron. Basically, they set up this immersive experience where we got to sample sugar lip treatments and take silly pictures in the photo booth. When we left the event, we received a deluxe sample of their best selling soy face cleanser. We also received a card that we could exchange for a special gift in the store.

Fresh Union Square - Perfumes

This led us on our beauty store adventure. We went to the Fresh store near Union Square to pick up our gift. The store was SO CUTE. The perfume display that they had set up was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Two of my favorite scents were Sake and Honeysuckle.

Fresh Union Square

They also had this cute wall filled with heart tags and people’s names. These tags were so cute that we actually took two to save and bring home.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

At Fresh, we got to choose from a variety of deluxe samples and I chose the sugar lip treatment as a back-up for when I run out of the one I use now. We also got a sample for their new rose mask. Then, since other stores were nearby, we stopped by Origins, Sephora and L’Occitane. All in all, super fun day. Beauty samples are my favorite things ever.

I wrote a post about how to get the Fresh sugar lip treatments for free! You can read it here.

Fresh Blue Box Adventures

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