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Honest Review of Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

|  BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

BY: Stephanie   |   filed under:

There has been so much buzz over Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Apparently, the product sold out instantly on the Sephora website after its launch. Into The Gloss has written about how Blue Tansy, an ingredient in the Luna Sleeping Oil, is the ingredient of the year. Countless bloggers and magazines have raved about the product but at almost $105/ounce, is it worth the hype?

Good Things:

The most talked about ingredient in the Luna Sleeping Night Oil is the blue tansy, which helps with inflammation and soothes skin. The retinol improves skin texture and is also said to be good for eczema so I sometimes mix a few drops in with my lotion for my neck. Avocado, grape seed, blackberry and chia oils are good for moisturizing and anti-irritation.

Bad Things:

While I was doing some research on this product, I found a really helpful review from Paula’s Choice. Some of the blue coloring might be from the blue tansy but it also has artificial coloring! The artificial coloring agents in the ingredients list are CI 61565 (green 6) and CI 60725 (violet 2). The oil also claims to be fragrance free but includes several fragrance essential oils which might irritate sensitive skin. I have really sensitive skin so this was a bummer.


I have two bottles of the mini travel version. The first I got as a Sephora deluxe sample with a purchase and the second I bought in Sephora’s mask set. I will say though, that despite the artificial coloring and use of fragrance essential oils, this product really works. I recently had a bad reaction with an acne spot treatment I was trying and I’ve been mixing this in with my lotion every night to reduce the redness of my skin. In the morning, I wake up and see a noticeable difference. I also mix this in with the lotion I use for my eczema and I feel like it has been making a difference there as well. Overall, I do think the Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a good buy and worth it despite the high price.

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